David DiGilio To Script ‘The Stars My Destination’ Based On Sci-Fi Classic

The in-development instrumentation of Alfred Bester’s mindbending 1956 scholarship novella novel The Stars My Destination has a writer, with David DiGilio tapped to coop a book for a film from Disruption Entertainment.

Originally published in serialized form in Galaxy Magazine, The Stars My Destination is set in a 25th century when personal teleportation has totally upended tellurian society. The story follows Gully Foyle, a businessman roving by a Solar System who, after an conflict by different forces, finds himself alternately stranded, deserted to die by people operative for a same company, afterwards detained when it comes out that different to him he was carrying a tip and rarely profitable steel required for an ongoing fight effort. Upon escape, he sets about settling scores as he learns who set him along that course, and why.

starsmyIf that sounds familiar, it’s since it’s lax retelling of Dumas’ The Count Of Monte Cristo, yet a story goes good over that novel’s core themes and tract points into some definitely trippy domain involving transhuman modification, metaphysics, interstellar colonization, and questions of faith and humanity. It’s improved famous as Tiger! Tiger! in a U.K. interjection to a opening-page reprint of a William Blake poem, and also a iconic tiger facial tattoo Foyle receives early in a story. Best read, perhaps, with a heaping spoonful of your favorite glaucoma remedy, (and that’s not an insult), a book was an huge change on successive sci-fi, including only for one example, 90’s cult classical TV array Babylon 5.

It’s desirous judgment to be certain, and Kong: Skull Island helmer Jordan Vogt-Roberts is tapped to direct. Paramount is distributing after nabbing a rights progressing this year, and Mary Parent is producing by her Disruption Entertainment. DiGilio is repped by UTA, Industry Entertainment, and Jackoway Tyerman. Roberts is repped by UTA, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Jackoway Tyerman.