Dave Annable Reveals His Most Embarrassing Parenting Moment Was ‘Day One’

When it comes to parenting, Dave Annable has got it down. But it wasn’t always a case.

The actor, 38, reveals to PEOPLE that his many annoying father impulse occurred in Sep 2015 when his now-2½-year-old daughter Charlie Mae was only born.

“Dad moment, arrange of day one. It was like 5 a.m. my mother wakes me adult and all vehement and we only run downstairs, we put all into a car, all a bags,” Annable recalls when his singer associate of 8 years Odette Annable’s H2O broke.

“They contend don’t move all that things into a smoothness room since we know we can go get that things after so we dump Odie off and I’m all excited. we went behind and grabbed all a things and we run to a conveyor and she looks down and she goes, ‘Oh my god! What’s that?’ and we had grabbed a kitchen trash. That literally was watchful outward to go into a garbage,” a father of one remembers.

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Dave Annable

As for a many formidable partial of being a parent, Annable says problem-solving takes some removing used to.

“I consider being a first-time primogenitor is we have no experience. we have nieces and nephews and we consider we learn along a way, yeah we collect adult some pointers though you’re full shortcoming and all-hands on rug with your kid,” he shares.

“She’s got a temperature, she’s not eating, it’s all that troubleshooting we got to figure out. Troubleshooting for me is a many formidable partial — she’s not a teen yet,” he says.

While Annable is vehement to watch his baby lady grow up, his parenting idea is that Charlie Mae finds her passion in life.

“It sounds so cliché though we only wish her to do something that she loves. Because afterwards it won’t feel like work. She’ll be vehement to go to work each day whatever that is,” he says. “I trust in her. we do trust that you’re means to do things we wish to do in this life.”

Jokingly adding, “Or [be a] pro golfer. You know, take me on all a cold courses and learn me.”