Daughter Calls Police On ‘Suicidal And Depressed’ Harvey Weinstein

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Sounds like Harvey Weinstein is holding this passionate bungle scandal harder than we’d formerly heard.

According to TMZ, a inextricable exec was behaving so dissapoint with his daughter, a military had to be called!

Law coercion sources told a opening Harvey was during 22-year-old Remy Weinstein‘s home Wednesday morning when they continued a exhilarated evidence as he walked out, into a street.

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According to reports, he yelled during his daughter:

“You’re creation it worse!”

Remy, a daughter of Harvey and initial mother Eve Chilton, assured her father to come behind in a residence afterwards called military to tell them Harvey was “suicidal and depressed.”

When military arrived, Harvey had already left for good. Remy afterwards retracted, revelation responding officers no suicidal statements had been made.

A neighbor even took video of a incident, confirming a central account.

Was she overreacting during first? Or covering later??

[Image around Drew Altizer/WENN.]

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