Daniel Bryan On Why He Wants To Wrestle Again, Reaction To Vince McMahon Comment About Roman Reigns

Source: EC’s Pod Of Awesomeness

Recently on EC’s Pod Of Awesomeness, stream WWE SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan got in-depth on a theme of his enterprise to lapse to pro wrestling. Among many other things, Bryan discussed his WWE Monday Night RAW retirement speech, since he suspicion is career was over, and since a lapse to active foe is even possible.

On a theme of potentially creation a quip Bryan suggested that he is not prepared to rest on his laurels by unresolved his shawl on his large WrestleMania moment, since ‘The Yes Man’ needs to live in a present.

“Road Dogg was articulate to me, it was only like dual weeks ago, and he goes, ‘do we ever lay behind and consider how implausible it was, like, that it ever happened, that we categorical evented WrestleMania?’ since that was never, like, that was never a arena for me or anything like that. Just, ‘what a cold impulse that is.’ And then, ‘you can always hang your shawl on that’ form of thing, right? And to me it’s like, ‘yes, it was a unequivocally cold moment, though I’m unequivocally much, like, we live, like, in a now, right?'”

While Bryan claimed to be happy with his mother and new baby, though pro wrestling can't be transposed in his life. Moreover, ‘The World’s Toughest Vegan’ claimed that he is not driven by carrying unprepared business with WWE, though rather he is encouraged to lapse since of his adore of performing.

“I’m unequivocally happy, though wrestling is something that zero else can reinstate for me, right?” Bryan added, “I’m driven by how many we suffer a opening of it, like, so, we do overtly have goals for wrestling.”

Interestingly, during a contention of Bryan’s destiny skeleton and stream health status, ‘The Goat’ mentioned that he once had a review with Vince McMahon where a Chairman pronounced they wish to pull Roman Reigns to be a subsequent John Cena, though Bryan pronounced he wanted to be a subsequent Cena.

“I had a review with Vince. Actually, we don’t know when it was. we don’t know if it was before WrestleMania 30 or if it was after WrestleMania 30, though it went something along a lines of this. It’s like he pronounced something along a lines to me of, ‘we unequivocally wish to pull Roman to be a subsequent John Cena.’ And we had pronounced to him, ‘boss, we 100% support that, though we only wish we to know that we wish to be a subsequent John Cena.’ Like, don’t tell me he wants some other man to be a subsequent John Cena!”

Bryan common that WWE sent him to a integrate of opposite medical teams for contrast and they privileged him to lapse to a squared circle, though WWE still would not let him wrestle. 

“They sent me there. we didn’t select these doctors. It was a group of doctors [at UCLA], concussion specialists, and they run me by all these tests. At a finish of all these tests, they’re like, ‘you’re privileged to go.’ And we was like, ‘yes! I’m privileged to go!’ And then, it’s like, ‘no, you’re not privileged to go,’ right?”

Later, Bryan indicated that he gave his retirement debate on RAW since he was told by doctors that he had a lesion on his mind and he insincere his veteran wrestling career was over.  

“I didn’t wish to do it during first. And then, we talked to Brie about it, and we was like, ‘man, my friends, my family, will be there and it’s substantially best.'”

After a retirement debate Bryan schooled that he might have jumped a gun.

“All of a sudden, one of a doctors that had privileged me calls me and said, ‘Bryan, what happened? Like, we ran by all this contrast and all was fine. What happened?’ And we told him what had happened. we said, ‘they found a lesion on a temporal parietal segment of my brain.’ And he goes, ‘wait, reason adult – a lesion?’ And we said, ‘yeah,’ and we don’t know what a ‘lesion’ means to we guys, though a lesion to me means we have a cut, right? Like we have a cut on my brain. And he goes, ‘no, a lesion in medical vernacular is a unequivocally deceptive thing. It only says something is there, right? Like, we don’t know what it is, so we call it a lesion in a temporal parietal segment of your brain.”

Bryan explained that a medical teams did some-more tests and a diagnosis of lesion on a mind was formed on his slowed reflexes, that are only during a turn of a normal human, rather than pro athlete. 

“My reflexes in a temporal parietal segment of my mind are slower than what they would expect, right? So in a report, they put ‘lesion on a temporal parietal segment of a brain.'” Bryan said, “they’re not slower than contend your normal person, though they’re slower than, like, your MMA athletes or people that they exam for a lot of this kind of stuff, right? So we only have normal simulate time and I’m only like, ‘oh no, we don’t consider they know I’m only an normal person. I’m not a genuine athlete! There’s this thing and it’s only like, ‘oh no, there [has] been this outrageous misunderstanding,’ right?”

After Bryan late from in-ring competition, he attempted to stretch himself from a genre. In Bryan’s estimation, being around pro wrestling constantly rekindled his enterprise to combat again.  

“I wanted to start relocating divided from wrestling. Because we adore wrestling so much, it’s unequivocally tough to be that tighten to it. Well then, so Hunter called and asked me to do a commentating thing for a Cruiserweight Classic. we said, ‘yeah, I’d adore to do that. I’d adore to assistance guys get over and all of that kind of stuff.’ And to do all that seems cool. But then, they called me and they didn’t ask, they told me to be a SmackDown GM, right? And we was like, ‘oh, okay.’ And we suspicion I’d be fine with it, though then, all of a sudden, being around it, each singular week and not being means to do it…” Bryan continued, “so I’m around it and I’m not being means to do a partial of it that we adore a many and afterwards they had me during ringside during an AJ Styles/Dean Ambrose compare and it literally tore my heart apart, right?”

Although Bryan has had during slightest 10 concussions and 4 seizures, he confirmed that his mind is allied to a college turn football player.  

“My mind is essentially, we take any college football actor in a nation since we have had multiple, mixed concussions. we had 10 documented concussions, 4 post-concussion seizures, and so, but, with that said, my mind is no worse than your normal college football player’s brain, right?”

While Bryan would like to lapse to pro wrestling, he concurred that he might not wish to work a full-time schedule. Responsibly, Bryan remarkable that returning to pro wrestling is off a list if there is any denote that a baby’s health would be during risk. 

“With all of this certain stuff, there’s no reason since we can’t lapse to doing what we love. And it might never be full-time and it might never be this thought of ‘I’m going to go in and be a man who categorical events each live eventuality and stuff. I’m not even certain we wish that. Now that we have a child, we don’t wish to be divided from her that much. But to contend that we can’t combat contend 50 to 100 matches a year or to contend that we can’t do Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk are still doing in their 60s.” Bryan said, “I also wish to give a premonition of this: if during any indicate along with all of this if somebody pronounced there’s a genuine denote that we should not be wrestling, we don’t wish to wrestle. My health is 100% some-more critical than entrance behind to wrestling. Being a good father is some-more critical than going out there and expounding on my faith that doing some-more hammerlocks in wrestling is good for a business!”

Bryan asserted that partial of a reason he wanted to make a quip is to uncover his daughter that we can follow your dreams even if other people tell we that we cannot.

“My daughter is one of a reasons we do wish to do it. It’s this thought of training her that like, ‘hey, whatever your dream is, whatever your chronicle of wrestling is, like, we can do it, and we can’t let.. only since someone says, ‘you can’t do this since we consider this,’ that’s not a good reason to stop.” Bryan explained, “I’m doing this some-more for my daughter than anything else.”

Also during a show, Bryan pronounced he is not perplexing to vigour WWE into vouchsafing him lapse by articulate about it publicly. Additionally, Bryan remarkable that WWE has been unequivocally understanding of him.

“In no way, shape, or form am we perplexing to put vigour on WWE to have me lapse to combat because, like, they have been so understanding with all that I’ve done. And people don’t know that. They’ve been 100% behind all that I’ve been doing kind of behind-the-scenes.”

Bryan certified that he done it tough for WWE to transparent him since he wasn’t honest with them about his concussions.

“One of a reasons it [has] been unequivocally tough for WWE to transparent me is my possess error is since we was not honest with them about my concussions, right? And that’s a large partial of it. Like, your doctors have to be means to trust we as an individual, right?”

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In Bryan’s view, pro wrestling is distinct other sports since it is probable to strengthen people with conduct injuries in pro wrestling.  

“One of a smashing things about wrestling to me is that we can strengthen people who have had conduct injuries. My final match, right, my final match, we didn’t take a singular bump, right? And a compare to me was unequivocally fun and good. It was me and John Cena opposite Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. And we couldn’t have been operative with a improved 3 people, right, than to do that arrange of thing. But we didn’t take a singular bump. All 3 of those guys stable me in a approach that we can do that in wrestling.”

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