‘Crushed’: Film Review

Writer-director Megan Riakos’ underline involves an unsolved murder during an Australian winery.

The vineyards of New South Wales form a backdrop for Crushed, a scenically staged murder poser involving pervasively internecine family dynamics. The essentially Australian expel and informal environment prejudice a film for domestic exposure, nonetheless a booze nation locations might inspire abroad audiences to check out a pretension on digital platforms as well.

Sarah Bishop plays Ellia, a immature lady who earnings to her family’s vineyard in farming Mudgee to attend a wake of her father, Robert, following his astonishing genocide in a weird winery accident. Arriving home, she finds her mother, Sophie (Roxane Wilson), and uncle David (Les Hill) fiercely antagonistic after her prolonged deficiency and her younger sister Harriett (Millie Spencer-Brown) attempting to reason together a family business with a assistance of their brother Zac (Remy Brand). A military review concurrent by Ellia’s ex-boyfriend Lucas (Robert Preston) shortly reveals that Robert was murdered and that a perpetrator staged a murdering so it would seem that he died when barrels stored in a winery defeated over and dejected him.

Relying on inconclusive justification associated to Sophie’s skeleton for offered a winery that’s been in her husband’s family for some-more than 100 years, Lucas arrests her for Robert’s murder. As Ellia struggles to know either Sophie had any purpose in Robert’s demise, she faces hardened rancour from her family, who still censure her for a random genocide of her twin hermit several years before, a tragedy that emotionally crippled her father and gathering Ellia divided from home. Suspicious of both her sister and mother, as good Lucas’ military investigation, Ellia feels increasingly removed and threatened as she searches for clues to elucidate her father’s puzzling murder.

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Riakos sets an desirous bulletin for her Kickstarter-funded initial underline with a book that spins out some-more tract points than it can eventually solve (including a wide-ranging agribusiness conspiracy) while notching a surprisingly high physique count for a modestly scaled mystery. Overall, she handles a principal movement sincerely smoothly, running Ellia by a claim stairs of her investigation, that Bishop pursues with a reduction of regard for a contentment of Ellia’s family and disappointment with their gusto for secrecy.

Shooting on a skill of Mudgee’s Burrundulla winery, Riakos engagingly integrates a company’s annual collect into a action, as Ellia assists with operative a vineyard and abrasive a grape harvest, nonetheless booze enthusiasts might notice some teenager inconsistencies in a filmmakers’ depiction of a winemaking process. 


Cast: Sarah Bishop, Les Hill, Roxane Wilson, Millie Spencer-Brown, Helmut Bakaitis, Aaron Glenane, Remy Brand, Robert Preston, Jamie Irvine

Director-writer: Megan Riakos

Producers: Megan Riakos, Sarah Bishop, Robbie Miles

Director of photography: Michael Steel

Production designer: Cate Rann

Editor: Anil Griffin

Music: Aaron Kenny

Venue: Napa Valley Film Festival

Not rated, 111 minutes 

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