Crazy — Australian Lifeguard Saves Prince Of Denmark From Drowning In Rip Current!

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What a propitious prince!

Prince Christian, Denmark’s 10-year-old king and a son of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederick in line for a crown, was saved by a lifeguard from drowning in Australia this week.

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The child was swimming down underneath off a Gold Coast, when he was pulled into a sea by a dangerous slice current, and wasn’t means to float behind to shore.

Nick Malcolm, a lifeguard operative on a beach, beheld what was function and rushed out to Christian to move him behind in to safety.

Malcolm downplayed a whole incident, though, not even realizing who he had saved!

Stuart Keay, Malcolm’s conduct lifeguard, told reporters a whole beach safey staff had no thought who they had only saved:

“We got him before it got too serious, though he wouldn’t have come behind in. A lady came adult and pronounced ‘Do we know who that is?'”

Apparently, Christian wasn’t that worried by a incident.

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Even better, Malcolm perceived a personal appreciate you from Crown Prince Frederick.

‘Tis a season!

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