Court Bauer On Big Feud He Wanted For Brock Lesnar, Lesnar’s Nixed WWE 2005 Return, Big MLW Match

This week, Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri sat down with Major League Wrestling CEO Court Bauer to plead this Thursday’s MLW: One-Shot event, that is set to underline Olympian Jeff Cobb vs. MMA warrior Tom Lawlor. When asked how a Cobb / Lawlor matchup was shaped, Bauer reveals that a thought came to him while sitting on a beach this past summer.

“I unequivocally wanted to showcase Jeff Cobb and his talents,” Bauer said. “Meanwhile, you’ve got Tom Lawlor violation onto a stage after primarily wrestling out of a Orlando area in a mid-2000s before attack it large in MMA and going onto a UFC.”

An engaging prospect, Bauer satisfied that it was a eventuality for a dual to be matched adult for a initial time.

“You have a extraction of an Olympic wrestler, who’s a inhuman suplexing beast, in a ‘Hawaiian Hulk’ Jeff Cobb, contra ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor who is a scrappy, suplexing wrestler in his possess right.”

Cobb wrestled during a 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens; around a same time, Lawlor wrestled during a University of Central Florida and began his MMA career. Bauer believes that this singular pairing will be utterly a strong-style matchup.

Tom Lawlor isn’t a initial MMA/wrestler Bauer’s had a run in with. Previously operative in artistic for WWE, Bauer recounts a time when Brock Lesnar roughly returned to a association in 2005. Bauer and a rest of a SmackDown essay group hoped to captivate The Beast Incarnate over to their show, pitching a series of options including programs with a mythological Undertaker and a fast rising Bautista.

“I unequivocally favourite a Brock and Bautista since of a parallels going behind to OVW. It was a classic, normal Vince McMahon collision march of dual large forces. It was a large income match. Bautista indispensable something opposite to shake things adult for him and Brock Lesnar could have unequivocally fit that mold rather well.”

The wish was to uncover McMahon a “trail of money” a argument would create, with a adversary culminating during WrestleMania.

“We were going to have him leave a route of disadvantage until Bautista said, ‘That’s enough. You’re on my turf. I’m going to put down this good white shark’.”

Lesnar met with both a SmackDown and Raw artistic teams, followed by a assembly with McMahon himself. Though SmackDown was assured they’d obstacle a stream WWE Universal Champion, all formulation shortly came to a halt.

“Someone asked Vince indicate vacant is he in fact entrance behind and we got a answer to not cause Brock Lesnar into a skeleton for a evident future. That was Vince’s really organisation approach of observant we’re not doing business with him during a moment.”

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Bautista and Lesnar have nonetheless to face-off in a WWE ring, nonetheless they did block off in OVW.

Major League Wrestling: One-Shot is set for this Thursday, Oct 5th during GILT Nightclub in Orlando, FL. Matches on a label embody Ricochet vs. Shane Strickland in a categorical event, MVP vs. Sami Callihan, Darby Allin vs. “The Flying Gambino” Jason Cade, Santana Garrett vs. Mia Yim, and MJF vs. Jimmy Yuta. Tickets are accessible now at

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