Cosby sues eighth lady over claims

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Cosby enjoyed outrageous success in a 1980s with his sitcom The Cosby Show

Model Beverly Johnson has turn a eighth lady to be sued by comedian Bill Cosby this month.

Johnson is one of some-more than 50 women who have indicted a 78-year-old of drugging and, in some cases, intimately assaulting them.

Earlier this month, Cosby took authorised action opposite 7 other women, observant several of them lied about him for financial gain.

He has always denied a accusations and has never been criminally charged.

Cosby’s latest authorised movement claims that Johnson defamed him and intentionally inflicted romantic distress.

“Mr Cosby states that he never unperceiving a suspect and her story is a lie,” pronounced his deputy Monique Pressley.

The comedian wants a jury trial, according to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.


Johnson, 63, wrote an essay in Vanity Fair in Nov 2014 in that she claimed she was invited to Cosby’s house.

There, she went on, he allegedly unperceiving her coffee – claims she steady on several TV news programmes, including ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline.

Cosby’s authorised movement claims that he never spent any time alone in his home with Johnson and that he asked for an claim forcing Johnson to redress her open statements and take a section about him out of her memoirs.

In a statement, Johnson said: “In cases of rape and abuse, abusers will do whatever they can to dominate and break their victims to force them to stop fighting.”

During 2014, dozens of women done open accusations that Cosby intimately assaulted them. Several of his live shows opposite a US were cancelled since of protests.

Cosby enjoyed outrageous success during a 1980s with sitcom The Cosby Show, carrying formerly been a actor and comedian for many years.

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