Cory Monteith’s Mom Thinks Pain Meds From ‘Massive’ Dental Work Were To Blame For His Overdose

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Cory Monteith competence have grown adult too quickly, yet he always done time for mom.

Five years after he died of a “mixed drug toxicity” of heroin and alcohol, a former Glee star’s mom is vocalization out on his early life and story with piece abuse — and she says some “massive” dental work competence be to censure for that final, deadly bender.

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On a theme of losing her younger son when he was only 31, Ann McGregor told People:

“I still can’t collect adult a pieces. My universe totally stopped. And I’m a opposite chairman than we was before.”

McGregor, a singular mom who lifted Monteith in Victoria, British Columbia, remembers her youngest as a venerable child who could speak to anyone.

She recalled:

“We used to go everywhere together. We had a favorite grill where we’d share fish and chips. Even during 3 years old, he would mount during a opposite and compensate a bill. He could speak to anyone. He only had a approach about him, and all we could do was suffer it.”

McGregor says Monteith was an “advanced” child, who schooled to review during only 3 years aged and skipped dual grades.

But his mature inlet also got him concerned with an comparison throng by his early teens. By 13, he began celebration and smoking marijuana, and was in rehab for a second time by a time he was 19.

She continued:

“He attempted to keep all from me, since he desired me and wanted to strengthen me. He was only always so curious. And a darker universe only drew him in.”

Eventually, Monteith was drawn to a dim universe of Hollywood, where he landed tiny TV gigs before removing a starring purpose on Ryan Murphy‘s strike array Glee.

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The ascend to celebrity that followed propelled a actor behind into his aged habits. McGregor says her son certified he was regulating drugs again in Dec 2012, 7 months before his death:

“He wasn’t prepared for a Hollywood world. Drugs were his approach of checking out.”

He wasn’t prepared to check out permanently, though.

Monteith checked into a month-long rehab in Apr 2013 — but, unfortunately, had some dental work between May and Jul that McGregor believes influenced his sobriety. She explained:

“He had small teeth and they were all capped. He had a lot of remedy in his system, that was not good for his physique entrance out of rehab. He didn’t have adequate drugs in his complement to kill him, yet for some reason it did since of his dogmatism [built adult by durations of few sobriety].”

As we reported, there were traces of morphine, codeine, and heroin in a actor’s physique when he was found passed in a Vancouver hotel room on Jul 13, 2013.

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