Corinne Olympios Opens Up For The 1st Time On TV About Being A ‘Victim Of The Media’ During Bachelor In Paradise Scandal

Corinne Olympios

Corinne Olympios is finally empathize her side of a story.

As we know, shit strike a fan surpassing this summer when progression of Bachelor in Paradise was suspended for an hearing into a ardent encounter between Corinne and DeMario Jackson.

Speaking out for a initial time given all has blown over — and usually before her one-on-one speak with Chris Harrison tonight as prejudiced of a new two-hour BiP partial — a existence star uninterrupted adult to Good Morning America about the sum of what happened and a boomerang she viewed in a media.

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As for since she’s stayed so still adult until now, a Miami internal said:

“I have unquestionably taken my time to, we know, bargain with everything, heal, and we know, we usually felt, we know, laying low was unquestionably a best thing for me to do. So, I’m unquestionably doing better.”

When asked about a occurrence specifically, Corinne confessed:

“I unquestionably don’t remember many during all. we remember 0 from a conditions and…it was usually unquestionably untimely … we did dash too much. we unquestionably know that. But we was also on a pill that awfully blacks we out and impairs your visualization and messes with your balance. But we didn’t know we were not pretended to dash on. And so we unquestionably usually caused a horrible, terrible blackout. It was like we went underneath anesthesia and usually woke up.”

She added:

“I’ve seen some of a footage, yeah. And, obviously, we watched a initial episode….It’s like I’m hearing not me. I’m hearing someone else. we was, like, in shock.”

Now, a TV luminary is taking a suitable stairs to guarantee her safety:

“I unquestionably am weaning off that medication. we don’t wish to be holding something that…you know, it was unquestionably horrifying what happened. we cut down a drinking. And…yeah.”

We all remember when a argumentative star diminished a unquestionably lawyer-y matter claiming to be a “victim” — that she now simplified as a “victim of a media” and not ardent assault:

“I was a plant of, we know, usually being blown into a media and carrying people make these crazy, we know, assumptions and judgments about what happened that day. You know, we was unquestionably a plant of a media. All of a conspicuous people became an consultant on a conditions and what happened, and it’s like, ‘Well, I’m still confusing to figure out what happened.’ It was usually terrible to bargain with.”

As for Jackson, Olympios said:

“I wish him well. There’s no bad blood there. we wish him well. Always.”

Watch Corinne give a full run-down (below):

Tune in tonight to see Olympios give a some-more in-depth during her believe tonight during 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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