Corinne Calls Out DeMario For ‘False & Misleading’ Comments About New ‘BiP’ Promo

Maybe that ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ trailer didn’t expose what we guess it had? Corinne Olympios usually diminished a new matter about DeMario Jackson’s appendage adult — and about his matter following a new video.


“I’m blithe footage of that day is being shown. I’ve always stranded to my law and said, ‘roll a tape,’” DeMario Jackson told Entertainment Tonight following a initial promo of Bachelor in Paradise, that debuted  during a perfection of The Bachelorette. “This is a attainment for all organisation who have been personally accused.” In a trailer, we see DeMario and Corinne Olympios heading into a pool together, and contestant Alex Woytkiew says “This is 30 mins into Paradise, Corinne and DeMario are already carrying a blast, unused out with any other in a pool.”


After that, a producers come in and tighten down production. However, it’s usually edited that way, Corinne says in a new statement. “As DeMario is good aware, a footage that was in a promo was not of a confront that caused progression to be tighten down,” Corinne’s repute told Us Weekly in a new statement. “The confront that caused progression to be tighten down took place many after in a day, and it was in a taboo tub, not a pool.” The repute also split out that “Corinne has never dictated any accusations during DeMario,” and conspicuous his critique is “false and misleading.”

The progression organisation for the expose launched an examination after a author finished allegations of wreck on set, that had something to do with Corinne and DeMario’s appendage adult and possibly or not she had given her consent. Both parties diminished statements, and Corinne in fact, never indicted DeMario of anything, yet did contend she could not remember what happened as she was unequivocally intoxicated.

We know that a scandal will be burnished on screen, yet it hasn’t been arguable what will and won’t be aired. Both Corinne and DeMario will seem on a live reunion special. Bachelor in paradise premieres on Monday during 8PM ET on ABC.

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