Comic-Con: 7 Must-See TV Booths on a Convention Floor

The doors to San Diego Comic-Con strictly non-stop to press and name badge-holders Wednesday with Preview Night, ushering in fanboys and media comparison to a sprawling gathering building where broadcast, wire and streaming outlets comparison wish their ornate (and pricey) booths have what it takes to cut through.

With scarcely 100 panels set for Thursday by Sunday and some-more activations outward a Convention Center than can be truly counted, a stakes are high to attract new and returning fans to some of a biggest bets on a tiny screen.

The Hollywood Reporter walked by a epic uncover building Wednesday and subsequent highlights some of a must-see TV booths anticipating to benefit an corner over other comic book and film displays.

Warner Bros. (Booth 4545)

The gathering building tack this year brings a re-creation of a vital room from CBS’ The Big Bang Theory where fans can indeed take photos sitting in Sheldon’s mark (bazinga!).



The eccentric TV studio behind all things DC TV also boasts life-sized Funkos from The CW’s Arrow and Supergirl — the usually ones of these characters in a universe — as good as a selfie hire finish with angel wings to support deteriorate twin of Fox’s Lucifer. Fun fact: Warner Bros. Television arch selling officer Lisa Gregorian says a association who done a wings — named Mother Plucker, approbation unequivocally — sifted by 11,000 feathers to find a ideal 1,600 to contain a custom-made wings. That’s some peculiarity control right there.



WBTV always has a large participation during Comic-Con as a heading building offers a name few a possibility to shun a swarming aisles and get a bird’s eye perspective of a stupidity from above.



AMC/The Walking Dead (Booth 4237)

After introducing a array of new communities during deteriorate seven, a AMC zombie play is gearing adult for a Oct lapse with a walk-through photo-op that includes several considerable walkers (looks like Greg Nicotero’s work), a life-size Negan station subsequent to an oven (RIP a Saviors’ doctor), a travel by a Heapsters’ rabble store finish with a peaked zombie and finale with an event to lay on King Ezekiel’s bench — subsequent to a his (stuffed) tiger Shiva, of course.







ABC (Booth 4245)

With fan-favorite though little-watched fairytale play Once Upon a Time rebooting itself with a mostly new cast, a Disney-owned network is going all-in with a 360-degree immersive hologram/LED showcase. The five-minute display facilities star Colin O’Donoghue’s Captain Hook introducing a brief trailer previewing a “new curse” that awakens, a “new savior” who emerges and “a new book” that opens this fall. Take a brief outing by Neverland and a Enchanted Forest and feel like you’re out during sea with Hook. And afterwards finish your immersive knowledge by severe Hook to sword fight.



The counter will also underline a special Once Upon a Time mystery display on Friday for doctrinaire fans. Also demeanour for a ABC counter to spotlight arriving sci-fi beginner play The Crossing, starring Steve Zahn, on Fridays and Sundays as a practical sword quarrel changes over to jumping experience.



Funko (Booth 5341)

Always one of a many strenuous lines all Comic-Con long, a Funko counter had already given divided all 150 tickets to emporium during a counter on Wednesday before a doors to Preview Night even opened. Among a hottest total this year? A Comic-Con disdainful featuring Game of Thrones’ star-crossed lovers Tormund and Brienne.



TBS (Booth 3629)

After premiering a commander part of People of Earth final year during Comic-Con, TBS goes large to foster a arriving deteriorate twin lapse of a visitor abduction comedy.



Once inside a “abduction experience,” attendees can take a bucket off in one of 3 moving chairs as they watch a show’s practical existence knowledge done exclusively for Comic-Con and featuring one of a show’s categorical visitor life forms, Jeff (Kevin Hall).



At a finish of a experience, users can see photos of themselves during their VR knowledge (and send it to themselves). Other giveaways embody an disdainful People of Earth comic book and, on trend for 2017, People of Earth-branded pester spinners.



Starz (Booth 4029)

Once again, a compensate cabler brings out a large guns (err, should we contend hammers) for returning duration play Outlander. Everything from a old-fashioned candles to a aged manuscripts is designed to ride viewers behind in time. 



The multi-level setup is stable by guards wearing — what else? — kilts.



Once inside a booth, fans can name one of several t-shirt designs as good as giveaway receptacle bags ornate with a pretension of a dear book series.



Netflix (Booth 3729)

The streaming hulk debuts a first-ever counter on a muster building privately to foster TV shows Stranger Things and The Defenders as good as arriving cinema Bright, starring Will Smith, and Death Note. In further to a art of a several properties surrounding a booth, attendees can travel inside a hovel of video images display portraits and other media from all 4 projects to truly douse themselves in a Netflix experience.