Columbus Short Sentenced To A Year In Jail For Domestic Violence

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If we do a crime, you’ve gotta do a time… and now, Columbus Short is going to do about a year in jail for his crimes opposite his stream wife.

In a Los Angeles justice on Friday afternoon, a former Scandal star pleaded no competition to attack his stream mother in an rumpus behind in November, and a actor was afterwards condemned to a year in jail for a help by a judge.

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According to prosecutors, Short struck mother Aida Abramyan during an evidence a dual were having, and earthy battery is a critical no-no. Obviously.

Short also was condemned to 36 months of probation, as good as domestic assault education.

You’ll remember, too, that Short had already been on probation over a 2014 bar quarrel where he knocked out a guy.

He’s also on trial for a prior domestic assault incident, in that he allegedly put a blade adult to his ex-wife’s throat. Yikes.

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Obviously, a year in jail (or, with good behavior, during slightest a few months) competence do some good for Columbus Short.

We can usually hope…

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