CM Punk’s Coach Gives Update On His Second UFC Fight, Says First Beating Is "Motivation"

Source: MMA Junkie

CM Punk’s UFC entrance in during UFC 203 in Sep 2016 didn’t go accurately has he planned, as he took a biased violence from Mickey Gall en track to losing by first-round submission. But Punk has continued training in hopes of improving, and his conduct manager pronounced he’s some-more encouraged than ever to put on a improved performance.

Punk, who had never fought a Mixed Martial Arts quarrel in his life, was entirely dominated in his debut. Gall, a immature undefeated prospect, took him down seconds into a quarrel and kick him adult for falling in a rear-naked throttle for a win. Duke Roufus, who coaches Punk during Roufusport in Milwaukee, pronounced a detriment has pushed him to sight harder and suggested that his second quarrel is on a horizon.

CM Punk In Camp For Next MMA Fight?

“(UFC President Dana White) and a matchmakers had their weekly matchmaking assembly yesterday, and we’ll get some news soon,” Roufus pronounced on a UFC Unfiltered podcast. “Just consider a initial time we step in a Octagon, there’s something special you’ve got to understanding with removing in there. For Punk, this sounds unequivocally weird, though now he knows what a violence feels like – a genuine beating.”

At 39 years old, Punk has a tiny window for a successful career in MMA. Now that he knows what a genuine violence feels like, he will many expected be some-more gentle a subsequent time he stairs into a octagon, regardless of his opponent. Roufus pronounced Punk has schooled and grown from his experience.

“I consider (a detriment like Punk’s during UFC 203) will assistance a lot of fighters to a indicate of vivid them, like, ‘No, we don’t wish to feel this approach ever again,'” Roufus said. “It’s not a physical. These guys are tough. It’s a mental anguish. You don’t wish to feel that depressing, annoying feeling of removing kick adult in front of God and everyone. It’s no fun. It’s been good proclivity for him.”

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