Citadel Military College Cadets Suspended For KKK-Like Christmas Costumes — See What The School Said!

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Is this unequivocally function in 2015?

Eight cadets from South Carolina’s Citadel have been dangling from a troops college after photos flush online of them wearing white hoods suggestive to a Ku Klux Klan.

According to reports, a cadets wore sham cases over their heads and all-white wardrobe while singing Christmas carols as partial of a “Ghosts of Christmas Past” skit.

But after a photos flush online, they were seen as a some-more suitable “Racists of Christmas Present!”

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College boss John Rosa, a late Air Force major general, called a photos “offensive and disturbing,” saying:

“These images are not unchanging with a core values of honor, avocation and respect.”

The 7 hood-wearing students were reportedly underclassmen holding partial it some arrange of hazing ritual. Those seven, and a particular in blue, who Rosa identified as an upperclassmen cadet, have been dangling by propagandize officials.

The photos were common to Facebook late Wednesday night, after a lady was approached by a man on Snapchat who allegedly told her “I always wanted a black girl.”

In a post, a lady minute that she stopped replying to a guy’s advances, though looked during his Snapchat story on her feed to find a photos and clips of a cadets singing and shouting — while dressed like a white supremacist group!

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Dr. Lamont Melvin, authority of a Citadel Minority Alumni Association, expelled a matter citing how this outrageous protocol is usually a partial of a incomparable problem in a school! He said:

“This is not a first, second or third time that racially charged events have been documented to have occurred during The Citadel…It’s a informative emanate and it contingency be addressed and it contingency finish now. When extremist acts start on campus, ALL students, black and white should feel a same grade of snub that we do. As minority alumni and wearers of a ring, we design The Citadel to lift out a core values of formulating scrupulous leaders…not extremist leaders.”

While this fulfilment shined an nauseous light on a institution, it can also be a time for a students to unequivocally consider about their traditions and start vital in a 21st century.

Hopefully this awful ritual is never finished again, and a students all learn their lesson.

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