Chrissy Teigen Has A Very Straightforward Reason For Why She Will Never Divorce John Legend!

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One thing we always contingency credit to Chrissy Teigen: she’s refreshingly honest!

There’s no doubt she and John Legend were done for any other, though in a new talk with Us Weekly out today, a supermodel sum some reasons why a integrate works — and it’s not wholly what we think!!

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The 31-year-old author of Cravings suggested that she got “very, unequivocally lucky” by marrying a 38-year-old Grammy winner, though it isn’t so elementary as initial glance.

In fact, what’s her categorical reason for always wanting to stay with John rather than separate down a line if problems ever come up? It’s unequivocally elementary (below):

“I told him a series one reason we are not removing divorced is since we exclude to see another lady with my baby.”


Obviously, Chrissy was being a small tongue-in-cheek about that — and she has some genuine reasons for since she loves John that go distant over that spiteful one (below):

“I try to depreciate him since he’s so perfect. we got very, unequivocally lucky. we don’t know who else could put adult with all a s–t we are constantly traffic with. Kids, friends and work are hard, though John is a easiest partial of everything.”


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So adorable!

We couldn’t be happier that these dual are happy together — they make an implausible and moving energy couple! So cute!!!

[Image around Chrissy Teigen/Instagram.]

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