Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Divorce Settlement Includes ‘5 Mile Rule’

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have some really despotic manners in their divorce agreement — and it’s all about coparenting.

According to authorised docs performed by TMZ, a integrate concluded on a “5 mile rule” — they contingency live within 5 miles of one another until Jack completes 6th grade, that should be some time around Summer 2023.

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Also, if and when they do pierce over apart, they have to give one another 3 months notice. They’re even compulsory to give 30 days notice to take their son out of a nation on a trip!

The normal integrate competence not even consider about that rule, though deliberation a consistent transport concerned in their profession, it’s flattering prudent.

But hey, as prolonged as everybody keeps removing along, no problem, right??

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]