Chris Jericho On Mark Henry Rib, Fans Knowing His Travel Plans, Trashing Catering With Metal Band

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WWE fable and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho was recently a guest on Rock 100.5 ATL’s Bailey And Southside program. Among other things, Jericho talked about being spooked by fans anticipating out his transport arrangements, WWE Superstar Mark Henry personification a unsentimental fun on him, and causing stone and hurl effect with iconic trounce steel rope Anthrax.

According to Jericho, he is always taken aback by pro wrestling fans meaningful his transport arrangements. The initial ever undisputed WWE Champion stays extraordinary about how such information is uncovered.

“It always freaks me out whenever we fly to a town, right, privately with [pro] wrestling, you’ll fly somewhere and you’ll get to, like, Peoria, Illinois, we get off a craft and there’s like a cackle of fans there watchful for you. They wish an autograph, ‘sign my picture,’ ‘sign my movement figure,’ whatever. And I’m always like, ‘how do we guys know what moody I’m on?’ This is not a organisation flight. Like, we missed my moody and we had to get another one and we had to go by whatever and there [are] still a same people there.” Jericho added, “somewhere out there, there’s some kind of a victim that’s giving out what moody series I’m on.”

Although fans have never suddenly finished their approach into Jericho’s hotel room, Mark Henry once hid in Jericho’s hotel room to terrify him. As a story goes, when Jericho initial arrived during WWE, a organisation was staying during a Holiday Inn in Boston, Massachusetts. Jericho left his hotel room doorway open ajar to go watch a WWE confidence ensure in a private moment. When Jericho returned to his room, Henry pounced. ‘The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla’ certified that he suspicion he was being pounded by a bear. 

“When a male came and got me, it was Jeff Jarrett that came to hit on my door, like, ‘come on, we’ve got to watch this,’ we left a small thing in a door, so a doorway was open. The small pivotal lock. Yeah, so when we go behind in my room, a lights are all off and I’m like, ‘what a ruin happened? Like, we didn’t leave a lights off.’ So I’m walking in there and as I’m walking towards a light switch, we get pounded by this hulk bear! And this male takes me down and I’m like, screaming so scared, ‘ahh, ahh, ahh’ and all we see are these big, white eyes. And then, we hear a delight and it’s Mark Henry, who’s super African-American, dark. He’s super dark, super big. So in a dark, he was even darker and he went and hid in there and thereafter pounded me as we went in a room and started laughing. We still giggle to this day.”

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Jericho boasted that he finished a catering area in Germany a self-evident madhouse with dual members of Anthrax by trashing a area when a rope came to a WWE show. ‘The Living Legend’ blamed ‘The Soldiers Of Metal’ for bringing a sound and being monsters in a end.  

“We were in Nuremberg, Germany a integrate of months ago and we only happened to be in a same hotel as Anthrax. They had a day off, so they came to a show. And then, afterwards, we have catering after a wrestling show. When we’re done, we go behind to a hotel and have catering. So we started carrying some cocktails with Frankie [Bello] and Jon [Donais] from Anthrax, that led to a finish trashing of a catering room during about 6 in a morning to where nobody could eat breakfast there. They had to pierce catering. Like Rusev is down there, like Cesaro is down there, ‘we wish breakfast. The catering was trashed. We have to go upstairs. Who did that?’ ‘Anthrax. Freaking Anthrax, man. It’s Anthrax’s fault.’ It was some-more my error than anything, though we only blamed them, ‘you know those Anthrax guys are crazy!'”

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