Chris Brown Admits He’s An ‘Asshole’ & Used To Think ‘So What, F*** It, we Got Money’

Wow, it sounds like Chris Brown is unequivocally flourishing up! In a new talk he admits he was an ‘asshole’, and felt like carrying income gave him a right to be a jerk to people. We have all a sum on how his viewpoint has changed, here.

Chris Brown, 26, has had an epiphany. He’s satisfied that in a past he’s finished some crappy things, and even went so distant as to call himself an “asshole” in a new interview. He admits he used to consider income done his bad function okay, though now he’s a altered man. See how, here.

Wow Chris, we really didn’t design this from you, though we’re agreeably surprised. The crooner sat down for an talk with Notion Magazine that was expelled on Dec. 18, and a male indeed seems like a totally altered man! Normally unapologetic for his bad behavior, Chris indeed seems to now be truly sorry for how he’s acted in a past.

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“People make mistakes, I’ve done mistakes, I’ve judged people who done mistakes, and they decider me back,” he said. “The best partial about it is me carrying to learn. I appreciate God he had something bigger for me to do. The mindset we was in when we was younger, it was full of arrogance, like, ‘Yeah I’m an a–hole like, so what f–k it, we got income like,’ and we know, during a finish of a day everybody knows right from wrong.” You can buy Chris’ manuscript Royalty RIGHT HERE.

So what was a “something bigger” that done Chris reevaluate his attitude? His small babygirl Royalty, of course! When Notion asked him because he named his seventh manuscript after a little princess, he said “I adore being a father.” The new, unexpected shortcoming totally altered a rapper’s outlook on life. “You can’t be low and we can't continue to do a same things and design a opposite outcome. So for me, it’s a reflections album.” This is so good to hear! Stay focused, Chris. Keep being a good father and creation good music, and we’ll be behind you.

What do we think, HollywoodLifers? Is Chris a altered male now that he’s satisfied a blunder of his ways? Let us know!