China counsel gets dangling sentence

Pu Zhiqiang (R), a polite rights counsel for Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, talks to a media during a artists studio in Beijing on Nov 14, 2011Image copyright

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The box of Pu Zhiqiang (right) has gained general prominence

A Beijing justice has convicted a distinguished Chinese tellurian rights counsel for online comments, giving him a dangling jail sentence, state radio said.

Pu Zhiqiang has been found guilty of “inciting racial hatred” and “picking quarrels” on his amicable media posts.

The justice condemned him to 3 years in jail though also pronounced a judgment would be suspended.

Pu is a latest to be attempted in a crackdown on dissidents in China.

It stays misleading if Pu would be liberated from apprehension immediately. Correspondents contend that a sentencing could meant that Pu is monitored during a cessation period, with a probability of a reduced judgment if he demonstrates good behaviour.

State news organisation Xinhua reported on a microblog that during his sentencing Pu had “acknowledged a existence of his crimes”, apologised, and voiced acceptance of his sentence.

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Critics contend a box amounts to domestic persecution

Pu has been in apprehension given May 2014, after he posted several messages on microblogging height Weibo vicious of a government.

He had questioned a “excessively violent” crackdown on Uighurs in a excitable Xinjiang region. He also purported a Chinese Communist Party was an untruthful party, and mocked supervision tongue over a Diaoyu/Senkaku islands that are also claimed by Japan.

Supporters trust his detain was politically motivated, as he is famous for representing dissidents in supportive tellurian rights cases and for his outspoken criticism.

Human rights organisation Amnesty International pronounced in a matter that a dangling judgment was “a counsel try by a Chinese authorities to encircle a champion of leisure of expression”.


Prior to a sentencing, a tiny organisation of activists and unfamiliar reporters collected in front of a court. There were brief scuffles with a military in a repeat of scenes seen final week during Pu’s one-day trial.

A BBC group witnessed supporters and reporters being dragged divided by dozens of plainclothes policemen. The BBC group was after asked to leave.

Amnesty pronounced during slightest 12 activists were incarcerated on Tuesday.

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The BBC saw a womanlike romantic dragged away

At a scene: Stephen Evans, BBC News, Beijing

Pu Zhiqiang is something of a luminary as a lawyer. He’s a big, bear-like male with a baritone voice who has shielded a operation of causes, generally those involving leisure of debate and apprehension in work camps.

He mixes renouned travel debate with allusions to exemplary novel in a absolute controversial fashion. “Feisty” is an verb mostly used to report him.

He has also been a thorn in a side of a authorities given his seizure in 1989 as a tyro pro-democracy protester.

His defenders contend his stream diagnosis is not since of a calm of a 7 posts on amicable media cited by a authorities. Rather, they say, it is to send a warning to dissidents – and a lawyers of dissidents.

As one supervision censor is quoted as saying: “The authorities are doing this since they wish people to feel that their fingers are installed with weight when they form on a keyboard.”

On 14 Dec during a brief trial, military scuffled with unfamiliar journalists, diplomats and protesters who were barred from entering justice proceedings.

His family pronounced he had pleaded not guilty to all charges, though no outcome was given during that time. His mother was authorised to attend a hearing that lasted about 3 hours.

His family and counsel told reporters final week that nonetheless Pu had mislaid a lot of weight and his hair had incited grey, he seemed to be in good health and had an warning mind.

International rights groups have described Pu’s box as domestic persecution. Amnesty International says there have been “repeated procedural irregularities” in his prosecution.

Pu Zhiqiang represented artist Ai Weiwei in a taxation semblance case that critics complained was politically motivated. He also campaigned for a contingent abolition of a work stay system, underneath that suspects could be incarcerated for years but trial.

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