China family find mislaid daughter after 24-year search

Kang Ying and her mom Liu Dengying cuddle after being reunitedImage copyright

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Kang Ying, 27, was reunited with her mom on Tuesday

A Chinese integrate have been reunited with their daughter who went blank 24 years ago.

Wang Mingqing and his mom Liu Dengying had looked for Qifeng given she left aged 3 in 1994.

His untiring hunt enclosed apropos a cab driver, in a wish he competence one day collect her adult as a passenger.

His daughter done hit progressing this year after entrance opposite an online post about him. At a weeping reunion he hugged her and said: “Daddy loves you.”

The implausible story has swept China, where many are celebrating a reunion.

Wang Mingqing and Liu Dengying were fruit sellers, offered their things during a roadside case in a south-western city of Chengdu.

On one quite bustling day, Mr Wang ran out of change, and fast went to a beside case to change money for a customer.

When he was behind mins later, his daughter was nowhere to be found, Chinese media reported.

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For years Wang Mingqing handed out leaflets appealing for information about his blank daughter

Mr Wang and his mom spent years acid for her in a city and surrounding areas, holding out advertisements in newspapers and environment adult online appeals. The couple, who have another daughter and a son, never left Chengdu, in a wish that Qifeng would find her approach behind to them.

In 2015, Mr Wang motionless to enlarge a hunt by signing adult as a motorist with ride-hailing association Didi Chuxing.

He put adult a vast pointer appealing for information on his behind window, and also gave out cards with information about Qifeng to any newcomer he ferried.

Mr Wang did not have a design of Qifeng as a toddler so he used a design of his other daughter in his leaflets, as they looked similar.

His singular process gained courtesy from a Chinese media. “One day, my daughter competence only be a chairman sitting in my car!” he was quoted as saying.

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Kang Ying flew to Chengdu with her father and children to accommodate her parents

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Supporters gave her bouquets of flowers

Over a years Chinese military identified several women who could have been Qifeng, though DNA tests showed they were not his daughter.

But a breakthrough finally came late final year, when a military blueprint artist review about Mr Wang and motionless to assistance by producing a sketch of what Qifeng competence demeanour like as an adult. The design was circulated online.

Thousands of kilometres away, on a other side of a country, a lady called Kang Ying saw a design – and was repelled by how most it resembled her.

She had been lifted by adoptive relatives in a circuitously city only 20km (12 miles) away, Chinese media reported.

Her adoptive family had told her that she was found on a side of a highway in Chengdu as a child, Shanghaiist said.

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Kang Ying’s family greeted her with signs with messages including “welcome back, child” and “sister, we unequivocally skip you”

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She contacted Mr Wang progressing this year, and found that she common some surprising traits with his blank daughter, including a tiny injure on her front and a bent to get dizzy whenever she cried.

They fast organised for a DNA test. This time, a outcome was certain – Mr Wang had finally found his long-lost child.

On Monday, Mr Wang and Kang Ying spoke for a initial time around a voice follower app, reported (in Chinese).

“From now on, Dad is here – we don’t need to worry about anything – Dad will assistance you,” Mr Wang said.

He also common a news with his friends on amicable media, revelation them: “My efforts of 24 years were not wasted! My daughter has been found – appreciate we everyone.”

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Kang Ying’s younger sister (left) binds adult her new-found niece

On Tuesday, a span were reunited in chairman when Kang Ying, who lives in northern Jilin province, flew to Chengdu with her husband, son and daughter.

Kang Ying and her mother, Liu Dengyeng, hugged any other firmly and cried as they were reunited – and were fast assimilated by a rest of a family.

Kang Ying told reporters tearfully: “The whole universe told me we didn’t have a mom – though we do!” reported.

“I can’t tell we how most hope, beating and despondency we have left by these past 24 years. Now we can finally accommodate again,” Mr Wang was quoted as observant in a Beijing Youth Daily newspaper.

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The family collected for a print after their reunion