China conflict due to ‘border dispute’

Map of Inner Mongolia and Gansu

Chinese authorities have pronounced an conflict on a remote checkpoint in Inner Mongolia was due to a “provincial limit dispute”, state media reported.

The area is pronounced to be claimed by both Inner Mongolians and residents of beside Gansu province.

About 100 masked enemy reportedly kick staff and shop-worn checkpoint buildings on Sunday before escaping.

Reports pronounced that an undisclosed series of suspects have been identified by police.

‘Forklifts, sticks and peppers spray’

Some 13 people were harmed in a early morning conflict in Ejin Banner county, that lasted about dual hours, reports said. Two of them were checkpoint staff, while a rest were “herdsmen and farmers fortifying a frontier”, pronounced a Global Times report.

The enemy were armed with sticks and peppers spray. Those during a checkpoint were reportedly beaten, attacked of their valuables, and afterwards tied adult and left outward in frozen -20C weather.

Two forklifts were afterwards used to pound into checkpoint buildings as good as several vehicles, internal media said.

Initial investigations have shown a occurrence occurred due to a provincial limit brawl between Ejin Banner county and Jinta county in a Gansu province, Xinhua news group quoted a internal military authority.

Local central Li Yanbo told reporters that a area has prolonged been a source of brawl among locals due to a steady redrawing of provincial bounds in a 1960s and 1970s.

The Global Times pronounced there had been several clashes between Inner Mongolians and residents of Gansu range in a area.

In September, a same outpost had been visited by masked group carrying sticks who intimidated staff. The group after gathering divided after staff swayed them to leave.

The segment has in a past also seen tensions between minority racial Mongolians and Han Chinese.