Child Actors Cried While Filming IT Because Of That Creepy Ass Clown!

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We consider it’s protected to contend a new Pennywise is usually as (if not MORE) terrifying than Tim Curry‘s strange description in a 1990 instrumentation of It.

But don’t take a word — or ubiquitous internet consensus — for it, usually ask a actor who plays him in a arriving large shade remake!

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Bill Skarsgård suggested that apropos Stephen King‘s creepy clown-demon was so unsettling, his small participation done children great during filming!

Speaking with his hermit Alexander Skarsgård during a discuss with Interview, a 26-year-old remembered a frightened reactions of a child extras once he arrived on set in full wardrobe.

He explained:

“At one point, they set adult this whole scene, and these kids come in, and nothing of them have seen me yet. Their relatives have brought them in, these small extras, right? And afterwards we come out as Pennywise, and these kids — young, normal kids — we saw a greeting that they had. Some of them were unequivocally intrigued, though some couldn’t demeanour during me, and some were shaking.”

We can usually suppose saying that jester in person!

According to Skarsgård, things got worse once director Andy Muschietti called “action” — since that’s when he indeed became Pennywise.

Sadly, some of a child extras couldn’t keep it together when a stage was being filmed. Bill continued:

“This one child started crying. He started to cry and a executive yelled, ‘Action!’ And when they contend ‘action,’ we am totally in character. So some of these kids got shocked and started to cry in a center of a take, and afterwards we realized, ‘Holy shit. What am we doing? What is this? This is horrible.”

Horrible for those child actors, approbation — though AH-Mazing for those who wish to get a shit frightened out them in theaters!

We’ll see if Bill’s Pennywise produces some-more tears when It his theaters Sep 8.

[Image around Warner Bros./Ivan Nikilov/WENN.]

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