Cheryl & Liam Payne Both Already Had Baby Names Picked Out — Will Their Newborn Son Be Named Either Of These Frontrunners?

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On Wednesday, Cheryl and Liam Payne welcomed a baby child into a world, divulgence they had nonetheless to settle on a name for a gold of joy.

But formed on aged interviews conducted before a cocktail superstars even got together, it seems like they both already had some monikers in mind if they ever had a boy!

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In a 2012 talk with GQ, a former Girls Aloud thespian suggested she already had a name picked out for her destiny son. She told a mag:

“I adore kids, I’m spooky with babies. we know that’s what we was put on a earth to do – to be a mother…Of march I’ve suspicion about baby names a million times. we like Alfie for a small boy.”

Awww, small Alfie Payne. Or Alfie Fernandez-Versini-Cole-Tweedy if he takes his momma’s final name!

Though a former One Direction star also had his heart set on a sold baby name — one that could be used no matter a gender of his newborn!

Speaking to Hits Radio during his 1D days, a 23-year-old said:

“I like a name Taylor. Taylor’s flattering neutral for a child or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my initial child if we had children.”

Hmm… we consternation if Cheryl had anything to contend about that.

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Will possibly cocktail star will get a baby name they creatively wanted? Or will Cheryl and Liam have to determine on something totally different? (We consider Simon has a good ring to it — ha!)

No matter what they finish adult job a kid, he’s gonna have a flattering honeyed life forward of him!

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