Cheryl Burke Publicly Apologizes For Her Insensitive Comments About Wanting To ‘Slit Her Wrists’ After Working With Ian Ziering

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Cheryl Burke is backtracking HARD!

On Sunday, Cheryl released a open reparation for argumentative comments she done about operative with former Dancing With a Stars partner Ian Ziering. The actor seemed with Cheryl during deteriorate 4 of a authorization nonetheless their partnership never done it to finals.

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While things clearly seemed excellent between a dual during their DWTS stint, it’s now transparent Cheryl did NOT have a good time shimmying around with Ian.

This past Saturday, Ms. Burke done a really unresponsive acknowledgement about Ziering on the Allegedly podcast. In a feverishness of a moment, a dancer confessed operative with I.Z. “made [her] wish to cut [her] wrists”.

Yikes. That’s a installed and really hapless matter to make.

Following a call of backlash, a beauty took to Twitter to broach an reparation to those who onslaught with basin and thoughts of suicide. Check out a full summary (below):

“I’ve always lived by a order that if we don’t have anything good to say, don’t contend anything during all. Recently and regrettably, we pennyless that rule. In a feverishness of an talk conversation, we used a word that clearly creates light of self-murder and we deeply bewail it. we have many friends and family members that onslaught with basin and thoughts of suicide. To have pronounced something that clearly creates a hoax of what they’ve left by and what they live with is something that we apologize for. we never meant to harm anyone or to trivialize a topic. we was out of line and for that we apologize.”

Well, during slightest Cheryl gave an honest and really repentant i’m sorry.

But wait… we don’t see Ian’s name in that post. In fact, we haven’t seen a 31-year-old discuss Ziering anywhere given her argumentative words! Inneresting

So, what do YOU consider of Cheryl’s apology?

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