Chef Aditya Bal to prepare adult outlandish American treats

If we adore delicious American cuisine,head to Godrej Nature’s Basket where a luminary Chef Aditya Bal will prepare adult some outlandish American treats.

Chef Aditya Bal will share with business and friends intriguing recipes such as California prunes pressed with almond and blue cheese,wrapped in bacon; Asian 5 spiced duck breast with California plum and nectarine glaze/sauce; Grilled California pink with chiffonade of lettuce salad and goats cheese dressing; USA pear rucola and walnut salad; Pan parched strap of salmon with sizzling California grape butte; Caramelized Washington apples with a dip of vanilla ice cream.

The cooking proof has been orderly in an bid to assistance a fervent food lovers rise a ambience for a delicious American cuisine.

The delicacies to be baked are prepared regulating a sparkling American food products being displayed during a ongoing US Food Festival during Godrej Nature’s Basket store.