Cheetos Is Launching a Fashion Line

After dipping their cheese-powder-covered toes into a waters of a beauty universe with a bright orange bronzer product, a innovative group during Cheetos is foraying into a conform world. Because what do they have to remove during this point? People will always be in adore with a puffy, crunchy treats, even if they do leave their fingers (and clothes) caked in particles of synthetic cheese dirt for days on end.

The childhood (and, let’s be real, adulthood) break code recently launched a new “snackwear line” on Betabrand, a sell wardrobe association and crowdfunding platform. The products in a collection could not be any cheesier (pun usually semi-intended), though some of them indeed seem flattering useful for Cheetos addicts. In line with a tried-and-true “form follows function” principle, these equipment are designed to solve common problems that snackers come opposite will munching on a cheesy bites (i.e. a “Snacking Gloves” aim to forestall a Cheetos fingers epidemic, while a “Snackspenders” have little pockets to store a break when we get a remarkable longing on a go).

These products aren’t strictly on a marketplace yet, and Cheetos needs your submit to make them a reality. You can check out unpractical illustrations of these intensity conform equipment on a Betabrand website and opinion for your favorites. The winners will go on to turn crowdfunding projects that could eventually be constructed in a future. Our fingers are crossed for those Snacking Gloves!

Read on to locate a glance of a waggish nonetheless useful ideas that Cheetos has adult the sleeves.

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