Cesaro And Sheamus On If They Still Want To Move To SmackDown Live

I recently interviewed RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro Sheamus forward of final Saturday’s WWE live eventuality in New Delhi. Below is a full talk in a entirety:

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Last year when we came down to India, we told me we weren’t so certain about we teaming adult with Cesaro. What do we consider about your tour so distant as a tab team?

Sheamus: “If usually we had a time machine, fella! If usually we had a time machine. It’s been incredible. I’ve pronounced this before – it is a many fun I’ve ever had in my whole career. I’ve hold a lot of championships, though to me, this is only about a group that we’ve combined and connected over a final year. It has been only incredible, carrying a compare of a night after compare of a night, after compare of a night. As we said, it’s a good feeling to travel out there, with so much… with such a good talent and a tab group partner.”

We’ve seen many oddity partnerships over a past few years. What do we consider about a chemistry between we two?

Sheamus: “Um, we don’t think… we overtly don’t know where we’re ostensible to fit in, or if it was ostensible to be or what a devise was, though we done it work.”

Cesaro: “Yeah, we always do, and that’s only what a people like. What we see is what we get, and that’s us all a time. We’re like brothers.”

There was a time when Cesaro pronounced he’d be peaceful to pierce to SmackDown Live. What are your thoughts on that not happening?

Cesaro: “Oh yeah, no no…” (Cesaro and Sheamus laugh)

Cesaro: “That’s what we said, and that’s what we suspicion during that time. But a thing is, we always pronounced and we always suspicion in my mind that I’m going to make RAW my show.”

Sheamus: “Bullet dodged!… Your show?”

Cesaro: “He (Sheamus) had a same thought. He was frustrated.”

Sheamus: “I’m still frustrated!”

Cesaro: “And he felt a same thing. Also, we became a team, and now demeanour during us! We’re always… we’re a best thing on RAW.”

Sheamus: “We’re wearing a same branded shirts and all!”

Cesaro: “Yeah, same branded shirts, we always work out, and we’re a tab group champions! So, yes, SmackDown is in a back – perspective mirror.”

Sheamus: “It’s a B – show!”

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What’s subsequent for you, now that you’re one half of a RAW Tag Team Champions?

Cesaro: “What’s subsequent for us? Being a longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. Best tab group in a world, and holding these tab group titles all over a world.”