CES 2018: Samsung launches modular TV called The Wall

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For some, a TV named The Wall might call to mind a TV parlours – with wall-sized screens – of Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury’s 1953 scholarship novella novel.

Samsung has announced a hulk 146in (396cm) TV called The Wall during a CES tech uncover in Las Vegas.

The TV facilities a micro-LED display, that is pitched as a higher choice to OLED since it offers both low blacks and splendid highlights.

However, one researcher pronounced they would expected be really costly to manufacture.

Samsung also says a modular record will concede for TVs of customised sizes to be ordered.

This is since a arrangement is indeed stoical of many smaller modules that can be organised to form surprising measure – one instance that was hunker and super-wide was quickly shown during a presentation.

‘Millions’ of LEDs

The micro-LED display, interjection to a self-emitting LEDs, should concede for a splendid design yet a need for a backlight.

Backlights routinely make it tough to furnish low blacks on shade since their enlightenment spills over a pixels they are targeted at.

Sony attempted to furnish TVs done from a same simple record behind in 2012 yet they valid too costly to make en masse.

Samsung’s preference to gamble on micro-LED puts it in approach foe with rivals that have opted to go with OLED displays.

More from CES 2018:

Micro-LED screens are formidable to make since a LEDs need to be away placed onto a covering by machines, explained researcher Paul Gray during IHS Technology.

“You have millions for a singular display,” he said.

“But maybe Samsung has done some breakthroughs on mixed chain [at once].”

Mr Gray combined that, nonetheless Samsung was pitching a record as a “consumer” product, it would expected usually seem in really costly devices.

Samsung has not nonetheless suggested sum on pricing itself.

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The modular record allows for TVs of surprising shapes and sizes to be made, according to Samsung

Other options for hulk TV displays have been shown off during CES this year.

Hisense denounced a 150in 4K TV projector complement that can lamp a design onto a owner’s wall.

The organisation did not announce a cost for a product, yet a 100in chronicle costs $10,000 ($7,300).

And there were TVs with softened brains, too.

Samsung betrothed that a subsequent era of intelligent TVs would be some-more intelligent than ever before, interjection to a inclusion of a firm’s voice-activated partner Bixby.

Users can even ask Bixby to arrangement a inside of their fridge on shade – if they have a concordant Samsung intelligent fridge with inner camera.

AI assistants have cropped adult several intelligent TV’s during CES this year, including Philips’ 7703 Series 24in Android TV, that comes perched on a Bluetooth orator and is designed for kitchen worktops.

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