Celebitchy named #4 site with many prepared readers by Quantcast: appreciate you!

I wasn’t even certain we wanted to write about this. Most days newly I’m watchful for a other shoe to drop. we consider that’s since all that’s going on in a US seems so surreal and horrible. It’s like Kaiser says, bland we arise adult and wait for some uninformed hell. Plus, my personal life is kind of iffy newly and I’ll leave it during that. Sometimes something happens that creates we all happy like all is going to be ok. That’s how we felt when we initial listened about this yesterday and it’s interjection to all of you.

Quantcast, a internet dimensions company, named Celebitchy #4 on a list of sites with a many prepared readers out of a tip 500 websites they track. (Thanks Sharon for a tip!) To be transparent this is only among a sites who put a Quantcast tracking formula on their website, that they contend is about half of all vital websites. we don’t even remember doing this, yet a lot of tip websites have it including Buzzfeed, Salon.com and Politico. The statistics about readership are collected by “direct dimensions and presumptive statistical models.” This doesn’t meant we’re among a tip 10 in trade by any means, it only shows that we interest to a niche audience. That could have something to do with a fact that we have a 0 toleration process for deplorables, yet that’s ok with me. It’s humbling adequate to review that we’re among a tip 500 of Quantast’s tracked websites, yet that’s implausible that we’re in a tip 5 of a many prepared readers. Plus we’re #8 among women readers. That means that many of we who review and criticism are well-educated women. Even if you’re not possibly of those, you’re smart, we review us and we let us take time out of your day, so appreciate we for that. Things like this remind me what unequivocally matters. We’re joining with we and training from we by a work that we do, that can be vapid and irritating during times like each other job, yet infrequently has astonishing rewards.

If we wish to know about a numbers and financial sum behind using an party blog, greatfully read this post during Pajiba, they explain it all improved than we can. None of us are installed and we all live really center category lives. Time and leisure are some-more suggestive to me than income though, and being means to work from home and report with we about my favorite celebrities, cinema and shows is a joy. Thanks for being here for us. Also appreciate we from a bottom of my heart to Kaiser, Hecate, Corey and all a dedicated writers who helped build a site. (We skip we Bedhead and Jaybird. we still review your stories and consider of you.) Thank we to a couple partners including Lainey Gossip, Dlisted, Pajiba, Jezebel, Reality Tea, GoFugYourself, and more. We are a team, Celebitchy is all of us, and that includes you.

Here are some cinema of dogs smiling. Check a thumbnails for more!

Thank we Sharon Gill on twitter for indicating this out! photos credit Len Smith, optische taeuschung, mika, Dot, Spadey09, HH, Kevin Yank, 8 Kome