CBS News Reporter Sopan Deb Tossed To Ground At Trump Melee, Charged With Resisting Arrest

CBS News match Sopan Deb was charged with facing detain currently by Illinois State Police after he was tossed to a belligerent during Friday’s aroused melee during a Donald Trump convene in Chicago on Friday.

“I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing in my life,” Deb tweeted Friday while covering a strife between Trump supporters and protesters. CBS This Morning reported his detain today, and aired Deb’s video footage of a bloodied male surrounded by law enforcement.

Despite identifying himself to military as a reporter, Deb was pushed to a ground, handcuffed and, he pronounced later, an officer pinned his neck to a belligerent with a boot.

CBS News gave a following account, and posted Deb’s video, on a website:

“Deb says he was thrown to a belligerent and handcuffed, but notice or warning. Illinois State Police charged him with facing detain nonetheless there is no pointer of that on a video. On a fasten he identifies himself as a credentialed member of a news media. The detain procession continues, and Deb is placed in a behind of a military outpost while his camera is left nearby. It was returned to Deb after his release.”