CBS’ Leslie Moonves On Circumstances Behind Nina Tassler’s Exit, How Glenn Geller Got The Job & Keeping It All Secret

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves sensed something was stirring when he sat down for a lunch in mid-July with his executive and crony of 25 years Nina Tassler in a private dining room off his office. In a past few years, Tassler had started to feel restless on her perch atop of CBS Entertainment, holding on essay a book, optioning a play and a underline script. After some soul-searching, Tassler, during a commencement of 2014, sealed a new four-year contract, removing a graduation from boss to authority of CBS Entertainment.

“I was unequivocally relieved when she reuppmoonvestasslered,” Moonves told Deadline. But, carrying grown a unequivocally tighten personal and veteran attribute with Tassler over a past 25 years, Moonves could see that “part of her was excited” about staying on, though she also was meddlesome in posterior other things.

And during their lunch this past July, Tassler told him, “I know we have a contract, though we unequivocally feel it’s a right time for me to do something else.” After that, “there were a lot of tears on both a parts,” Moonves said, “I was talking to a dear friend.”

Tassler’s inheritor was dynamic during that unequivocally lunch, Moonves said. “The good news is we both knew an unusual executive who could take this job,” he said, observant that it was Tassler who brought adult CBS/CBS TV Studios’ conduct of stream programming Glenn Geller first.

Despite a miss of growth experience, Moonves called Geller “the apparent choice” and “the apparent choice” for a boss of party job, observant that no other possibilities were deliberate for a job. “His believe of all of our programming – primetime, late-night, daytime — is tremendous… He has had a bigger and bigger form internally,” Moonves said.

Glenn Geller, Executive Vice President, Current Programming for a CBS Network Television Entertainment Group. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The transition devise was put in place right divided and a time was selected to make it open — a week after a high-profile premiere of CBS’ Late Show authorization with new horde Stephen Colbert and a launch of a tumble season. Then a self-evident CBS cone of overpower was imposed, with usually a handful in Moonves’ closest round arcane to a decision in sequence to keep it underneath wraps until today.

Moonves pronounced that Geller had done an sense during a annual scheduling meetings where a tiny organisation of tip CBS executives accumulate together in New York in a days streamer to a upfronts to plead a network’s report for a following season.

“I was impressed by his research of shows, people and a schedule,” Moonves said. “I unequivocally honour his opinions, and he wasn’t fearful to remonstrate with me, that we like, notwithstanding some people thinking I’m this dictator.”

Geller also did good when rebellious vital problems on existent array that had to be brought to Moonves’ attention. “I adore a artistic discussions, and how he handles himself,” Moonves said.

Image (3) cbs-logo__120711164808__121116195436__130108233101__130716162250__130926192712__131121001522__140312174530__140523013157.jpeg for post 735047CBS is streamer into this growth deteriorate with dual new executives in tip positions, substantially a biggest executive turnover during a always-stable network given Moonves took over. Tassler’s tip lieutenant, EVP comedy Wendi Trilling, over in May, transposed by her No.2, Julie Pernworth.

“We have an unusual group — Julie was right there, and it’s been a seamless transition; we design a same to occur with Glenn,” Moonves said, observant that there will be “no other vital changes” entrance in a CBS executive ranks.

“To a outward world, (Tassler’s departure) might be stunning, though inside CBS, it’s a pretty well-spoken transition.”