Caterina Scorsone Honors Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Caterina Scorsone Shares Photos of Her Daughter In Honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and in respect singer Caterina Scorsone went to her amicable media to share some pics of her darling daughter Paloma Michaela.

The Grey’s Anatomy star is an advocate for Down Syndrome. Her 2-year-old daughter Paloma was innate a chromosomal condition and a singer mostly uses her height as a voice to learn a universe on a condition.

Sitting in my trailer counting a blessings. Gobsmacked during a implausible connection of events that brought all my desired ones into my life. Who are we beholden to know and adore today?

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The 36-year-old singer posted a array of photos around Instagram on Tuesday. Scorsone wrote that her wish is that a denunciation of a condition changes and gushed about her daughter’s “beautiful” differences.

“October is Down syndrome recognition month. Here’s a small info,” Scorsone wrote. “1 in 700 babies is innate with Down syndrome. Language is important. Parents don’t have a 1 in 700 ‘RISK’ of carrying a baby with Down syndrome.”

“Parents have a 1 in 700 CHANCE of carrying a baby with Down syndrome,” she continued. “Just like they have a 50 percent CHANCE of carrying a lady a 50 percent CHANCE of carrying a boy. (With some pleasing variations in there as well).”

The Grey’s singer resolved her post by reminding her listeners that it’s all in a denunciation and to be kind when selecting a difference we speak. “Differences are beautiful. Language changes how people think. Words are important.”

Caterina common 3 photos of her honeyed lady “Pippa” a nickname a singer mostly lovingly refers to her daughter as. In one of a shots, Paloma is a happy lady overhanging on a pitch set. In another design a singer common was a sister-sister impulse between her eldest daughter Eliza, 6, assisting her younger sister splash from her sippy cup.

This isn’t a initial time a singer has uttered her support for Down Syndrome. Since welcoming her daughter in Nov 2016 a Canadian singer has been advocating for some-more open investigate appropriation for a chromosomal disorder.

If we were carrying a severe day, here’s a grin to remind we that…. joy.

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She has also praised several brands including American Girl, Gerber, Anthropology and Tea Collection for incorporating children with Down Syndrome in their promotions, collections, and catalogs.

Caterina has referred to her daughter as a “blessing” and believes she was sent to her “to learn us how to love.”