Catalonia independence: Puigdemont ‘could run if not in jail’

Media captionBarcelona convene demonstrator: ‘I feel mislaid by Catalan government’

Spain’s unfamiliar apportion has steady his government’s position that a sacked Catalan personality could run in new elections in December, yet stressed that meant usually if he was not in jail.

Alfonso Dastis spoke as a outrageous convene for Spanish togetherness was hold in Catalonia’s largest city, Barcelona.

Carles Puigdemont was private from bureau after Madrid nude Catalonia of liberty for dogmatic independence.

Spain’s executive supervision has now taken control of Catalan institutions.

Spain’s arch prosecutor is scheming to record rapist charges opposite Mr Puigdemont and other Catalan officials for breaching Spanish law.

This could presumably occur as shortly as Monday, a initial operative day given a liberty stipulation and a Spanish counter-measures.

Mr Puigdemont has pronounced he does not recognize a sequence from Madrid stealing him from power.

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Mr Dastis told Sky News: “We are not holding liberty divided from Catalonia. We are only re-establishing it, in fact.”

He added: “Reality is already falling in, will continue falling in and they will realize that they can't do something but a management of law and they will be usurping authority.”

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Mr Puigdemont has urged “democratic opposition” to approach sequence from Madrid

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido has created to all military officers in Catalonia seeking for their faithfulness as a “new era” starts in a region.

He reminded members of a informal police, who are now underneath approach control from Madrid, of their avocation to conform orders and to pledge “the rights and liberties of all”.

The BBC’s Sarah Rainsford, in Madrid, says impediment Mr Puigdemont is approaching to hint protests – and is maybe one of a reasons because a interior apportion has created this letter.

Senior military officers have told a BBC that they have already complied with an sequence to mislay framed photographs of a sacked personality from military stations opposite a region.

Rule from Madrid

Spain has been gripped by a inherent predicament given a referendum, organized by Mr Puigdemont’s separatist government, was hold progressing this month in rebuttal of a statute by a Constitutional Court that had announced it illegal.

The Catalan supervision pronounced that of a 43% of intensity electorate who took part, 90% were in foster of independence.

Friday saw a informal council announce independence, with Madrid responding by dogmatic a pierce illegal.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy afterwards announced a retraction of a informal council and a dismissal of Mr Puigdemont as Catalan leader, and systematic that uninformed elections should be hold on 21 December.

Mr Puigdemont has urged “democratic opposition” to approach sequence from Madrid.

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Belgium’s Migration Minister Theo Francken has pronounced a separatist personality could be given haven insurance that Spain would find formidable to reverse.

“If we see a conditions during a moment, a jail sentences and a hang-up from Madrid and a jail sentences that are bandied about… a doubt is apparently either somebody like that has a possibility of a satisfactory trial,” he told Reuters.

There is no idea that Mr Puigdemont is seeking to leave Catalonia.

He had been approaching to attend a football compare in Girona, a heartland of a pro-independence movement, that saw a internal group kick Real Madrid – who Mr Rajoy supports – by 2-1. But he apparently did not make an appearance.

Before Madrid took over a Catalan government, a segment had one of a biggest levels of self-government in Spain.

It has the possess parliament, military force and open broadcaster, as good as a supervision and president, yet those have now been dismissed.

Catalans had a operation of powers in many process areas from enlightenment and sourroundings to communications, transportation, commerce and open safety.