Carrie Underwood Talks Baby Number 2 — ‘It’s Going To Be A Different Ball Game’

Carrie Underwood is scheming for a birth of baby series two!

As we know, a nation starlet announced she was pregnant progressing this month, on tip of announcing she would be going on tour! Such sparkling news!

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And in a new talk with The Tennessean, a preggers momma of one spoke about how life will be opposite when a small one arrives. She confessed:

“It’s going to be a opposite round game, for sure. My brain, I’m such a planner. we wish to know how it’s all going to go. But no matter who we are, we make it happen, we make it work, we get your group behind you.”

Although Carrie has been rocking lots of pinkish lately, she done it transparent it’s in no approach an denote of a baby’s sex:

 “I don’t know what it is. You’ve got a 50 percent possibility you’re correct. we have no idea.”

What a 35-year-old does know is that her son Isaiah will be means to uncover his new kin a ropes:

“I consider he’ll be a unequivocally good large brother. we consider he’ll be helpful.”

All hands on rug during a Underwood household!

[Image around Judy Eddy/WENN.]