Can You Guess Wendy Williams’ Worst Talk Show Guest EVER??

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is opening adult about experiencing groping on her possess speak show.

During a new part of her daytime shoe, a 53-year-old brought adult an worried interview when a unnamed brief comedian (rumored to be Gilbert Gottfried) laid his conduct into her breasts before looking adult and saying, ‘Oh, you’re not Oprah [Winfrey].”

Williams says she would now “feel really gentle in pulling a male by my potion coffee list if anything gets seedy” today, though behind afterwards she was so new to TV, she didn’t know what to do.

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The TV celebrity recalled:

“My misfortune guest? I’m not going to name, though we can tell we this—it had to do with some groping. You all saw it, though didn’t contend a word and we felt it and we didn’t contend a word. My staff saw it and that guest will never be here anymore. He’s not applicable anyway.”


“I didn’t know what to do since I’m code new on TV. Then, after a hug, he looked adult during me. He goes, ‘Oh, you’re not Oprah [Winfrey]. we didn’t know how to take that and a whole talk was only uncanny and we only would never have him here again and we am dual seconds divided from observant his name, though it’s not value it.”

Wendy didn’t privately name Gottfried, though when Inside Edition reached out to a comedian, he pronounced he “didn’t remember a Wendy uncover from so many years ago.” He also pronounced was not “aware” if he had been criminialized from a show.

Watch a shave (below):

Expose them all!

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