Camila Cabello Advised To Change Her ‘Difficult’ & ‘Unnecessary’ Last Name By THIS E! News Reporter! Ummmm, WHAT???

camila cabello told to change final name

Oh, we are so PISSED!

ICYMI, E! NewsErin Lim caused utterly a bit of debate on amicable media after she suggested Camila Cabello should change her final name since it is “difficult to pronounce and unnecessary.” Are we fucking teasing us right now??

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No joke, Miz Lim done a criticism while hosting her Snapchat shred called The Rundown. Obviously, this impossibly descent idea had a Latin village adult in arms on Twitter. As a former Fifth Harmony member is a unapproachable Cuban-American artist, we can usually suppose she appreciates her fans fortifying her online (below).

Unfortunately, Erin doesn’t seem to bewail her difference as she retweeted a following summary from her boyfriend/New Girl actor, Lamorne Morris:

Snap! Snap! Not to mention, a TV horde does culturally brand as Mexican and Filipino so she was substantially only perplexing to make a joke. Although, no one unequivocally found a fun that funny!

But, during a finish of a day, we doubt Camila is holding any of this play to heart. In fact, a It-girl is embracing her informative roots as she recently dished to Billboard about her arriving solo career:

“I’m many looking brazen to only anticipating some-more about myself as a person. In formulating these songs I’ve unequivocally had to puncture low into what we wish to speak about and what we wish to say. And not only how I’m feeling though what do we wish to tell a universe about myself. Like who am I? My culture, my heritage. we only wish to make song that we would wish to listen to.”

SQUEE! We are generally looking brazen to Cabello’s collaboration with Pit Bull and J Balvin. Keep doing you, girl!

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