Calvin Harris To Taylor Swift — Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex Boyfriends

Calvin Harris wants partner Taylor Swift to know that she’s got to shake it off when it comes to her exes and their lives post-relationship! He’s fed adult with her obsessing over other dudes, and needs her to stop ASAP.

Taylor Swift has some beef with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, and nothing of it is comical to stream lover Calvin Harris, according to a source who spoke to EXCLUSIVELY. Calvin wants her to pierce brazen and concentration on what she’s got: friendship and adore from him!

“Calvin has distant himself from his seducer ways, and is all in with his attribute with Taylor,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “He doesn’t like when she mentions her exes; he wants her to not speak about them even if it is throwing shade during them. He wants her to be totally clinging to him. He gets sceptical meditative that she still might have feelings for people like Harry or others she has dated. It’s upsetting to him.”

The difficulty (trouble, trouble) started when Taylor favourite a Tumblr post that called Harry “immature,” enraging his fans, and job vital courtesy to a fact that she’s still dissapoint about their breakup. The snub was so heated that Calvin had to make his Instagram comment private to stop a hatred being thrown during him by Harry’s fans. That’s insane! You can buy Taylor’s manuscript RIGHT HERE!

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Calvin only wants Taylor to stop focusing on what’s happened in her past, and a dudes who’ve finished her wrong — generally when they have such a good thing going right now! And yes, he might be a small disturbed that her miss of courtesy means she’s daydreaming about other guys. Earth to Taylor!

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Taylor should stop articulate about her exes? Tell us in a comments!