Calling Karan: Karan Johar reveals because Bollywood doesn’t make many cinema on divorce

Karan Johar Calling KaranKaran Johar Calling Karan In a latest part of Calling Karan, Karan Johar spoke on a theme of dating after divorce.

Karan Johar wears many caps. He is a director, a producer, a conform designer, and recently incited into a radio manoeuvre with his uncover Calling Karan, that front on Ishq 104.8.

In a latest episode, Karan Johar, in his common quirky and fun character answered some critical questions acted by a callers on a theme of Love After Divorce.

The uncover began with a tourist seeking Karan’s assistance in her attribute after her divorce. The tourist apparently had some difficulty in her initial attribute after divorce as she suspicion her ex and her stream partner were too identical for her liking.

Karan, like a adore guru that he is, suggested a tourist to not review her partners, and asked her to leave a past relationship’s container behind and forge a new trail for herself.

Karan afterwards addressed another caller’s query about age gaps in regretful relationships, where a 35-year-old male had grown regretful feelings for a 25-year-old woman. Karan asked a aforementioned tourist to be open about his feelings for his lady adore and asked him to promulgate emotions to a woman.

But a prominence of a part was when special tourist Sridevi was asked to give recommendation to Karan. Sridevi pronounced that Karan didn’t need any recommendation on any theme as he is a master of all trades.

The horde also answered a doubt about because Bollywood doesn’t make too many films on divorce. Karan pronounced that divorce is a dim theme and a Hindi film attention likes to have happy endings. However, a horde also forked out to a listener that films like Saathiya and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna have also been done that understanding with worried questions about unwell relationships.

Wrapping adult a episode, Karan suggested his listeners to not consider too most when it comes to dating, even if their former relations have not survived a exam of time.

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