California Talent Agent Scam Prevention Bill Clears First Hurdle

A check operative a approach by a California legislature that would strengthen existent law prohibiting talent agents from charging clients with upfront fees upheld a state Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee currently with bipartisan support.

Introduced in February, AB 2068, famous as a Talent Agent Scam Prevention Bill, updates a 2009 Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act by creation it bootleg for agents to assign clients for classes and promises of practice by solicitations over a Internet and around mobile devices.

There have usually been a few philosophy underneath a Krekorian Act over a final 5 years. In 2011, former manager Nicholas Roses pleaded no competition to charging clients upfront fees and unwell to record a $50,000 bond with a state. And manager Debra Baum was convicted final year of charging a relatives of dual determined entertainers some-more than $100,000 in bootleg upfront fees.