Cadbury’s New Oreo Product Combines Your Love of Peanut Butter and Chocolate

The Cadbury and Oreo creations keep coming, and this time peanut butter is removing involved. Just forward of a proclamation that Mini Oreo Cadbury Eggs are attack shelves in a US, a launch of dual new Cadbury Oreo cookies has us freaking out nonetheless again. As we can see, a new Cadbury products are dual new versions of Oreo Thins: one has a mint-flavored creme filling, while a other has a peanut butter creme filling. Thankfully, we already have a possess Mint Oreo Thins here in a US, though it’s a peanut butter Cadbury Oreos we’re after; sadly, they’re usually accessible in a UK. Here’s anticipating these unreal cookies — or something even improved — make their approach to a States.