Byte: Vine creator to launch new video-looping app

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A follow-up to Vine has been announced, dual years after a six-second video app was close down by Twitter.

Byte will be a identical app to Vine, that helped launch a careers of stars including Shawn Mendes and Logan Paul.

After Vine ended, those stars changed to a rivals Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

Dom Hofmann – who co-founded Vine along with Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll – pronounced his new app would launch subsequent spring.

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Looping six-second prolonged videos is a flattering elementary idea, though Vine was amazingly successful.

Brothers Logan and Jake Paul, dual of a highest-earning Youtubers, started on Vine while they were still in high school.

Singer Shawn Mendes was also detected on a app aged 15 after his Vine of Justin Bieber’s strain As Long As You Love Me went viral.

It was also renouned for pranksters – including Frenchman Jerome Jarre, who has given helped lift some-more than $2m for a Rohingya refugees in Myanmar.

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Byte creator Dom Hofmann has spoken about formulating a follow-up to Vine – nicknamed v2 – given 2017.

Dom Hofmann’s Vine co-founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll have had success with another app given Vine – ask app HQ Trivia, that launched final year.

At a height, Vine was pronounced to have 200 million users.

Twitter reportedly bought it for $30m (£23m) in 2012, before it had even strictly launched, though it struggled to make income and keep adult with a competitors.

Although Vines were finished in 2016, a repository is still accessible online.

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The most-looped video is a shave from a compare between France and Germany in 2015 when an blast was listened during a Paris attacks.

It has over 750m loops.

But a calm of many Vines weren’t so serious.

Other renouned ones embody a boy’s romantic state fast changing and an Australian news contributor removing “attacked” by a rooster.

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Animals always did well.

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So did visual illusions and pranks.

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And judging by a greeting to Byte’s initial tweet, there’s really ardour out there for some-more videos like these.

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