Bruce Springsteen’s Kids Aren’t Exactly His Superfans: ‘They’d Be Blank-Faced If Someone Mentioned a Song of Mine’

Bruce Springsteen fans are among a many ardent and constant in a classical stone pantheon—just ask a hundreds of thousands clambering to see his upcoming production, Springsteen on Broadway. The direct so overreaches a supply that many are turning to secondhand retailers like StubHub to get their fix, shelling out adult to $2,400 for an insinuate assembly with The Boss.

However, 3 members of a throng will be particularly wordless when it comes times for a singalongs—Springsteen’s kids.

In a new interview with a New York Times, a 68-year-old stone fable certified that his children with musician Patti Scialfa haven’t accurately dived into his behind catalog. “We had a kids late, we was 40 when a initial son was born, and they showed a healthy disinterest in a work over all a years,” he says. “They had their possess low-pitched heroes, they had their possess strain they were meddlesome in. They’d be flattering blank-faced if someone mentioned a strain pretension of mine.”

He also doubts that his children—Evan James, 27, Jessica Rae, 25, and Samuel Ryan, 23—have read his bestselling memoir, final year’s Born to Run. “I know that nothing of my kids have review a book, yet we suppose someday they will perhaps. we kind of like that.”

Is he harm by a miss of fan ceremony from his children? Definitely not.

Bruce Springsteen Narrates New Audio Version of Memoir, ‘Born to Run’

“I always looked on that as that we did a good job,” he says. “As we contend in a book, we know a lot of kids who wouldn’t mind saying 50,000 people disapprove their parents. But we don’t know how many would wish to see those people hearten their parents. It’s only not right!” 

Springsteen on Broadway starts previews on Oct. 3 and continues by Feb during New York City’s Walter Kerr Theater.