Brother sheds light on London tube suspect’s past

Witnesses Say London Tube Attacker Shouted 'This Is for Syria'

The male charged with stabbing dual people in a London tube hire Saturday has a story of mental illness and drug use, a suspect’s hermit told Britain’s Channel 4 News Monday.

Before a attack, Mohamed Mire said, his family appealed unsuccessfully to internal authorities as his 29-year-old brother, Muhaydin Mire, became some-more and some-more paranoid.

Images from a scene:

Unsure of what to do, Mohamed pronounced he even requisitioned a moody for his hermit behind to Somalia, where he as born, for Sunday — a day after a stabbing during Leytonstone Underground Station.

Both victims were treated for non-life melancholy injuries.

The revelations come as Muhaydin was charged with attempted murder and as British authorities investigated a conflict as a militant “incident.” Witnesses told Channel 4 that they listened Muhaydin scream “This is for Syria” after being taken into military custody.

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On Monday, a United Kingdom remained underneath a “severe” hazard from general terrorism.

Mohamed Mire told a channel that Muhaydin — who has lived in Britain given he was 12 — was diagnosed with paranoia. In 2007, he was hospitalized for 3 months, though pot use, Mohamed said, usually exacerbated his mental illness.

“He’s saying demons and all that,” Mohamed said, adding that his family attempted to have Muhaydin committed.

After articulate with his mom in Somalia, Mohamed said, he requisitioned a moody for his brother.

“As distant as we know, he wanted to go,” Mohamed said.

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