Britney Spears Wants Dad Jamie To Quickly Settle Her Child Support Battle With Kevin Federline

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It’s daddy, bitch.

As we’ve been reporting, Kevin Federline wants a square of Britney Spears‘ Las Vegas boost in a form of aloft child support payments for their sons, Sean and Jayden.

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While Brit is reportedly fervent to put this authorised disaster behind, she doesn’t wish her ex taking advantage of her flourishing fortune — so, she’s enlisted in her father Jamie Spears to strike a satisfactory deal!

An insider explained to Us Weekly:

“Britney has emphasized to her father she wants this settled. She doesn’t wish it slow given it usually creates stress.”

Stress Godney does NOT need in her life!

K-Fed, who has full control of a boys, and his powerhouse profession Mark Vincent Kaplan met with pappy Spears on Mar 9 in hopes of “mutually” nearing during an boost to his monthly $20,000 in child support given Britney done bank due to her Las Vegas residency (over $137 million).

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While Brit’s stay is disturbed that her 40-year-old ex will only use a additional mix to support his 4 other children, Kevin’s group is austere that this boost will be to give Sean and Jayden a life they’re accustomed to underneath a cocktail superstar’s watch. A second source explained:

“All Kevin wants to be means to do is yield a same customary of vital a boys have when they with Britney. Sean and Jayden’s needs are of march changing given they are removing older, that is a vital cause in a preference to find a increase.”

The source combined that Britney is now “making 20 times some-more than she did,” when a remuneration was systematic in 2007 (right after her barbarous breakdown) — so it’s Kevin’s “right underneath family law” to contend gimme more.

However, notwithstanding a drama, both sides wish this to be staid really soon. The initial source added:

“Both sides came divided carefree and confident that an agreement can be reached out of court.”

Sounds like Brit will have to flare over some of that immature though.

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