Brazil on verge of alighting World Cup berth for Russia

Brazil leads a 10-team South American subordinate organisation with 27 points from 12 matches. (Source: Reuters)

The usually organisation to play in any World Cup is about to validate for a subsequent one.

Brazil could safeguard a mark during a 2018 contest in Russia with a feat during Uruguay on Thursday. Depending on other results, however, a five-time champions might have to wait until subsequent week when they face Paraguay in Sao Paulo.

Either way, Brazil’s turnaround has been rather spectacular. Just over 2{ years ago, a Brazilians were flustered during home in a 7-1 detriment to Germany in a World Cup semifinals.

The disproportion has been manager Adenor Leonardo Bacchi famous during Tite (pronounced Chi-Chi) _ who took over final year after Dunga was fired. In 6 subordinate matches underneath Tite, Brazil has won all six.

Brazil leads a 10-team South American subordinate organisation with 27 points from 12 matches. Uruguay is 4 behind and in good figure to take a second of 4 involuntary World Cup berths. A fifth South American organisation can also allege by a playoff.

But after Brazil and Uruguay, a competition for a other subordinate spots is far-reaching open with usually 6 matches remaining.

Ecuador and Chile have 20 points any and Argentina has 19, followed by Colombia with 18, Paraguay with 15 and Peru with 14. At a bottom, Bolivia has 7 points and Venezuela has five.

Neither Brazil nor Uruguay will be means to count on their tip strikers for a match. The hosts will be but dangling Barcelona brazen Luis Suarez, and a visitors will skip harmed Manchester City brazen Gabriel Jesus, who has a damaged toe on his right foot.

Brazil winger Douglas Costa is also out with an harmed knee and will be transposed by Palmeiras winger Dudu.

Brazil, however, will have Barcelona striker Neymar, and he can spin any compare during any moment.

“If we had a formula, we wouldn’t tell you. But we confess we don’t have one,” Uruguay manager Oscar Tabarez said. “I have a sense, from what we see in any match, that many other coaches still haven’t found a secret, and conjunction have a players who go opposite Neymar.”


Two-time champion Argentina faces a tough compare opposite Chile in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

The Argentines will be but defender Pablo Zabaleta, who has an harmed left leg.

After a compare opposite Chile, Argentina plays during Bolivia, where it will conflict a skinny atmosphere in La Paz. The Bolivian collateral is located during 3,600 meters (11,900 feet) and is always a fraudulent venue for visiting teams.


In other matches Thursday, it’s: Colombia vs. Bolivia; Paraguay vs. Ecuador; and Venezuela vs. Peru.

On Mar 28, it’s: Bolivia vs. Argentina; Ecuador vs. Colombia; Chile vs. Venezuela; Brazil vs. Paraguay; and Peru vs. Uruguay.

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