Branson’s Virgin Group invests in Hyperloop One

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Hyperloop One claims a pod-based complement is some-more “sustainable” than stream ride options

The Virgin investment organisation has taken an undisclosed interest in Hyperloop One, one of several companies perplexing to emanate a pod-based ride system.

The terms of a understanding have not been disclosed.

Virgin’s founder, Sir Richard Branson, is fasten a Los Angeles-based firm’s house as partial of a deal, and it is rebranding itself as Virgin Hyperloop One.

One consultant suggested a tie-up would assistance lift a company’s profile.

“This is unproven record and there’s a prolonged approach to go before it ever finds itself in use in a genuine world,” commented Prof David Bailey from Aston Business School.

“But this understanding will positively assistance in terms of selling and potentially attract serve investors to come into a operation.”

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Sir Richard is fasten Hyperloop One’s board

Hyperloop One recently tested a antecedent pod in a Nevada desert, that reached a speed of 310km/h (192mph) within a 500m (1,600ft) low air-pressured tube.

Its contingent idea is to strech 1,046km/h (650mph).

The complement uses captivating levitation and electric thrust to means pods to glide, and is pitched as a some-more eco-friendly mode of travel than many of today’s alternatives.

The organisation says it is operative on several projects to move a record to a Middle East, Europe, India, Canada and a US.

Media captionWATCH: Hyperloop One tested a passenger-sized pod in August

In a press release, Virgin suggested a complement could eventually cut tour times from Edinburgh to London to 50 minutes.

Hyperloop’s inventor, Elon Musk, has formerly signalled his goal to build a apart Hyperloop complement around his tunnel-digging Boring Company.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, TransPod Hyperloop and Dinclix GroundWorks are among other companies to have announced opposition projects.

‘Complicated tech’

“The multiple of a proven record and Virgin’s imagination in transportation, operations, reserve and newcomer knowledge will accelerate a commercialisation proviso of a company’s development,” pronounced Hyperloop One’s co-founder Josh Giegel in a created statement.

Virgin already has investments in rail companies, journey liners, airlines and a nascent space tourism operation.

However, Prof Bailey questioned a potential.

“I sojourn distrustful about regulating Hyperloop record in places where there are high land values or unenlightened population,” he explained.

“But it might be some-more suitable in places like a United Arab Emirates.

“It’s a difficult record and there’s a prolonged approach to go.”