Brad Pitt: Why He’s Ok With Never Falling In Love Again After Painful Angelina Jolie Split

Don’t cry for Brad Pitt now that he’s a singular man, since a actor is fine with not finding love again after his unpleasant separate from Angelina Jolie. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE sum on because he’s not looking for a new romance.

When Angelina Jolie, 41, served Brad Pitt with divorce papers behind in Sept. 2016, she put one of Hollywood’s many pleasing group behind on a market. So is a heart throb prepared to hit the dating scene?” He’s not looking for any intrigue right now as he has his hands full. When a time is right it will occur and if it doesn’t he is fine with that too,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Brad spent 5 years married to Jennifer Aniston, 48, before withdrawal her for Angie, who he spent a subsequent 11 years with. He’s been out of a dating circuit for scarcely dual decades and jumping behind in during age 53 contingency seem flattering daunting.

Brad is focusing on whats unequivocally critical after a split. He’s turn even a improved father if that was even possible. He adores those kids and showers them with love. It’s also implausible critical to him that they live as normal of a life as possible,” a insider adds. With his 6 children that he shares with Angie, that’s utterly a handful to change perplexing to find love. His custody conflict is still ongoing and even yet a former integrate is no longer personification out all that distortion in open anymore, his priority is removing an agreement where he gets equal time with his children.

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Brad has been married to two of a many pleasing women in Hollywood, so it would be a daunting charge for any lady to magnitude adult to Jennifer or Angelina. Not usually that, she would have to be fine with him dedicating so most of his time to his dear kids. Who knows if a star will ever find loyal adore again, it’s only good to know he’s fine with whichever approach life takes him.

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Brad will ever get married again?