Boy Lucky to Be Alive After Bounce House He Was in Blows Onto Highway, Throwing Him Onto a Road

A 9-year-old child went for a float of his life final weekend when a clever breeze of breeze blew a rebound residence onto a vital highway in Southern California.

Seth Olson was personification with friends in an inflatable rebound residence on Saturday afternoon when a breeze came floating in only as other children stepped out of it. NBC Los Angeles reports that a absolute breeze carried a rebound residence into a atmosphere and tossed it 50 feet divided with Seth trapped inside.

“The hurricane only like came in, and a jumper went away, and my uncle tried to squeeze it,” neighbor Kimberly Rodriguez told CBS 2. “But it was too complicated and it went away.”

The residence rolled down a Inland Empire Highway and tossed Seth onto a road, knocking him unconscious.

“A breeze of breeze took me. The initial tumble, we went unconscious. And afterwards it bounced adult in a air,” Seth told NBC Los Angeles. “All we remember is my mom pulling adult on a 395 and we woke adult and we saw her great and walking adult to me.”

He added: “It was only so scary. But I’m OK now. we feel really blessed.”

Seth Olson

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The inflatable captivate continued to transport a quarter-mile down a highway until it strike a automobile and deflated.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the motorist of a automobile who was strike by a rebound residence was not harmed though was left jarred adult by a ordeal.

NBC Los Angeles reports that Seth is now recuperating during home from a teenager injuries he postulated from a furious float he won’t expected shortly forget.

This occurrence is only one of a prolonged line of accidents caused by inflatable attractions that have occurred around a universe over a final few years.

In May 2014, a rebound residence injured three children as it tumbled hundreds of feet. A month later, an inflatable slip was carried 3 stories into a atmosphere and harmed dual people when it came down. In a comfortless incident, a 7-year-old lady from England was killed when a rebound residence rolled divided with her inside in Mar 2016.

Seth’s mother, Melanie, told NBC Los Angeles that her children won’t be removing into a rebound residence any time soon.

“It was a very, really frightful situation,” she said. “My kids are traumatized. They’ll never get in another rebound house.”