Boxer Uses Undertaker’s Music And Gets Knocked Out (Video), John Cena On How He Feels About Marriage

– John Cena quickly spoke to Confidential in Australia this past Friday before his array of one-man shows kicked off. During a interview, Cena discussed being intent to Nikki Bella and restraining a tangle soon.

“They know accurately what we go by with training, diet and tough work. You don’t have to explain it or wish that they understand,” Cena said. “I’m vehement about removing married to my best friend. we can’t wait.”

– British veteran fighter Ohara Davies used The Undertaker’s thesis for his opening final night. Davies, who walked into a quarrel undefeated, faced Josh Taylor and was knocked out in a seventh turn to remove his WBC china championship. Davies has used Taker’s thesis before, and recently talked to The Sun about regulating a thesis and flourishing adult a large wrestling fan.

“I’ve been a wrestling fan given we was a child – I’ve always desired it,” pronounced Davies. “Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin were my favorites – Undertaker’s opening music, with all a bells, was always exciting. I’m in a party business, so we have fun with it. Everyone desired it. we got a robe done for me, to make it as picturesque as possible.”

You can watch Davies’ opening below:

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